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Before we go any further, you should know that this website features sexy adult women in catfights, wrestling, boxing, MMA and other fight fetish situations. If you're not of legal age (18 or older) please turn back. Otherwise, come in and explore our female fight fantasies in some of the best female catfight and wrestling art and stories on the web!

Coming Soon: Foxyfighter Clip Store

Pardon our dust as we move things around and prepare for the beta launch of our sexy female wrestling themed clip store. Soon you'll be able to browse all your favorite sexy female wrestler's profiles, explore their picture galleries, download their video clips and matches, or book them for a steamy wrestling sesssion 1 on 1.

Producers, open up a store with us and host your videos on our upcoming state of the art video clip platform. Easy to use, fast, and tailored for the fem-fight fighting community. More information coming soon!

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